Palm Beach Illustrated Crush on You

Palm Beach Illustrated Crush On You Sugar Scrub

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    First The Soap - Now The Scrub

    We're not going to kid you: we wouldn't complain if we were rich. I mean, maybe about how tough it is to find a good Ferrari mechanic, but other than that, we'd be good. But since we don't think we'll be joining the ranks those who can snap up mansions on Palm Beach like hungry hungry hippos snap up those marbles any time soon, it looks like we'll just have to pretend. And once we're in the shower with Palm Beach Illustrated Crush On You (or soap), pretending gets a whole lot easier.

    Originally created at the request of Palm Beach Illustrated Magazine to celebrate their 60th anniversary, Palm Beach Illustrated became an instant best-selling soap. Understandable we suppose, as the soap is gorgeous. But it's not just about the look. As Lynyrd Skynyrd famously said: "ooh-ooh that smell" (no, this doesn't smell like... that - but the sentiment is the same).

    It's a blend of blooming lily, ripe cantaloupe and sugarcane. Just the sort of combo that might waft from the gardens of beachfront homes in Palm Beach. And after many, many requests, we've released a Crush On You in this magical scent. It's beautiful, it's balanced, it's delightful.

    Palm Beach Illustrated Crush On You sugar scrub: Scrub it like a Trump. We have no idea what that means either.

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    1. Seriously Amazing

      People told me Crush On You was amazing, but I had to try it myself to really get why my friends are addicted. It's amazing: my skin looks and feels better, and I never feel greasy afterwords. And the scent on this is fab too. on 1st Aug 2013

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    Weight: 9.5 ounces
    Scent: Fragrance oil blend
    Colorant: Mica