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100% All Natural | Unrefined Shea Butter | Organic Cocoa Butter | Botanicals | Vegan

Absolute All Natural Handmade Soaps are created from the best oils we can lay our hands on, like olive, avocado, coconut and palm, then packed with organic cocoa butter and fresh, unrefined shea butter (far more than in many so-called shea butter soaps). They're cold-processed in small batches, hand-cut to ensure quality and air-cured naturally.

Soaps in our All Natural collection use 100% essential oils for fragrance and are colored with real natural colorants like clay and botanicals (we do not use mineral pigments to color our All Natural soap: mineral pigments are lab-made). Additional natural ingredients like calendula petals, coffee, oatmeal and others delights make occasional appearances as well, each clearly listed on each soap's page. All soaps are vegan and are never tested on animals. Ever.

When WE say all natural handmade soap, we mean it.

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