Palm Beach Illustrated Handmade Soap

PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED: Tropical Blend Handmade Soap

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    A Beach Scene in Soap

    When Absolute Soap was asked to design a special handmade soap to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Palm Beach Illustrated magazine, previous owners Brad and Joanna definitely succeeded in creating a soap that would represent the area, both in look and fragrance.

    The design evokes warm ocean water gently washing onto a shell-covered beach. The lower portion is made with finely ground oatmeal which adds both visual and tactile texture to the soap, providing light exfoliation. The blue-green color, combined with the miniature chunks of white soap, create an abstract replica of the wonderful waters in Palm Beach County. Every bar is topped off with glitter: a fancy bit of bling after a relaxing day at the beach.

    A magical blend of ripened cantaloupe, fragrant blooming lily and honeyed sugarcane juice give the scent just the right amount of tropical magic. It’s a perfectly balanced fragrance that’s fresh, clean and wildy popular, continuously selling out both online and in retail locations. We are extremely pleased to count it among our Absolute Pop Soaps.

    Palm Beach Illustrated handmade soap: you may not be a Kennedy, but you can bathe like one.

    Sample-sized 1/3 Bars available! Grab them here.

    NOTE: Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch.

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    1. Gorgeous Great Smelling Soap

      Will not dry out your skin. Smells amazing!
      I suggest buying this soap as Christmas Gifts for that hard to buy for person. You can't go wrong!
      It takes a lot for me to slow down enough to write a review so most times I don't unless I am warning others .... I will be buying soaps from here from now on. Fast delivery with the correct soaps I picked. That is important too.
      on 29th Aug 2020

    2. Smells so GOOD!!!

      I love the smell of this soap. It also makes my skin soft and just can't get enough of the smell. You sound do a perfume for this scent too!! on 12th Jul 2015

    3. Fantastic product!

      I love the way this looks, smells and feels on my skin! Super long lasting too! Awesome design and scent! I highly recommend this one! on 29th Nov 2013

    4. Decedent

      Such a wonderful combination of beach and luxury! I think this may become my second favorite scent! on 22nd Oct 2013

    5. Fastest selling soap in my shop

      Originally posted: January 2013

      I can't keep this soap stocked in my shop! Everyone loves it!!
      on 8th Mar 2013

    6. sooooo good!

      Originally posted: 26 June, 2012

      This smells sooooo good!
      on 8th Mar 2013

  • Warranty Information

    Made from Olive Oil, Distilled Water, Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Unrefined Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Avocado Oil, Oatmeal, Fragrance, Mica, Glitter

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    Weight: Minimum 4 ounces
    Scent: Fragrance oil blend
    Colorant: Ultramarine, mica, glitter
    Exfoliating: Very light, oatmeal in bottom only