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One-Third Bar Handmade Soap Samples

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    Big Soap Fun, Little Soap Package

    Not sure what soap you want? Interested in a grab bag? You've come to the right place: choose as many samples as you want for just $2.95 each. Just select "Individual Scents" from the boxes below, then choose the soap you want from the pull-down menu.

    Our sample pack is an even better deal: we'll give you 5 samples for just $13 - you even get to pick one. Choose "5 Bar Pack" from the boxes and select the one scent you've just GOTTA have in your set; we'll be sure to include it. The other four are our choice, but they'll all be different, and all be from our regularly available handmade soaps.

    Each sample is about 1/3 of a bar of our regular handmade soap. Because we hand cut each one, weight varies slightly: they'll all be over 1 ounce (likely around 1 1/3 ounce each) and wrapped in a glassine bag.

    You can find the ingredients for each soap by going to its individual handmade soap page on our site.

    Treat yourself and treat your skin to a little something special.

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    1. Just buy the whole bar there are no bad scents!!!

      I bought 6 different soaps. They all smell amazing.
      They leave your skin soft (unlike a lot of bar soaps that make my skin tight and itchy).
      I was absolutely amazed how well they lathered up without being too over the top.
      The scents are amazing. Not too strong not too weak.
      I bought samples just in case there were some yucky scents. And there is not one bad one!!!
      I am a soap snob so I totally know what I like and don't.
      on 29th Aug 2020

    2. Smells and cleans like a dream.

      I now love the Ruby Rock Star and Sexy Laundry Day soaps because the samples I tried were amazing. The soaps are gentle, leave my skin smelling great and feeling soft and make the whole bathroom steam up with deliciousness. on 8th Jul 2014

    3. Great way to try new soaps

      I've purchased U.S.Mint, Southern Decadence, Gnome Attack this way. It's a great way to try new scents without committing to a whole bar. on 21st Aug 2013

    4. Wow! Now this was a great deal!

      I took advantage of a sample giveaway through facebook & picked out a second sample. I choose Detox & Ruby red rock star, both awesome soaps! After using Detox my skin felt smoother and softer. Ruby rock star was hedonistically fabulous. Both had rich lather and great scents. I felt the samples were a good size for the price, ample for a couple of good luxurius washes each. A great price so I plan on sampling all of these beauties on 27th Jul 2013

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