Sexy Laundry Day Crush on You

Sexy Laundry Day Crush On You Sugar Scrub

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    Fresh and Floral - Vibrant and Sexy

    Regularly topping our sugar scrub best seller chart (we’re speaking figuratively here: we don’t actually have charts hanging on walls) Sexy Laundry Day is one of those scents that we have no intention of discontinuing (if for no other reason than to avoid angering certain possibly over-zealous fans of the scent). But why is it so popular? Maybe the woman who named Crush On You, way back when it was first created it, can explain it.

    “The scent makes me start singing ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ in the shower,” she says. Wait, what? Back-story: the woman to whom we’re referring (we’ll call her Ethelwyn for the purposes of this narrative) is a close relative of Absolute Soap's original co-founders Joanna and Bradford Schmidt. While debating various names for their new handmade sugar scrub, Ethelywn turned to Joanna and said she loved it so much it made her start singing the song “I’ve Got A Crush On You.” Sensing a theme here? Yeah, she’s a lifelong Sinatra fan. We think maybe she relates everything to Ol’ Blue Eyes.

    So let’s just say it’s the fresh, vibrant floral scent that makes it so popular. Rosewood, musk, baby rose, jasmine and more (we can’t give away all our secrets now, can we?) make it unique among floral fragrance blends. Combine that magic with our amazing hand-blended sugar, shea butter, rice bran oil and pH-balanced soap scrub and you’ve got something really special. And while we can’t guarantee that it’s Sexy Laundry Day Crush On You that keeps Ethelwyn still globe-hopping, able to toss back dirty martinis like a sailor and breeze through the NY Times crossword in no time at all, it can’t hurt, either.

    Sexy Laundry Day: Great with any Sinatra song at all.

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    1. Love the fragrance!

      Just the right ratio of scrub to moisturizing ingredients. I love the fragrance of Sexy Laundry Day, although I pretty much love the scents of lots of Absolute Soap products!! on 9th Dec 2023

    2. Found something awsome

      I first bought the 3 small sugar scrub jars just to try , after using I was very surprised and happy my skin looks and feels s good. The most important fact about this product and the soaps also are Home aide. There natural .I use my scrub outside in the back yard with my bikini on and my garden hose and I leave the mess outside ,and go to bd with smooth soft moisturized skin..
      Love it
      on 26th Jun 2023

    3. My favorite scrub

      I love this scrub - it's wonderfully scrubby without being oily, and the scent is the best. I have keratosis pilaris, and it actually does reduce the bumps on my arms when I use it regularly. Plus it makes me feel like I'm pampering myself a little bit :) on 16th Oct 2020

    4. Perfect!

      Love Sexy Laundry Day soap and scrub! It is my most favorite! Customer services is spectacular! Thank you so much. Karla on 2nd Jan 2020

    5. BEST sugar scrub EVAR

      Need I say more? I love how thick this sugar scrub is! I love that it doesn't make my tub slippery ( I HATE that) and I don't have to wash the tub out every time I use the scrub. My skin was soft and nicely fragranced after using it. SO GOOD! I can honestly say that it is the best sugar scrub I have ever purchased! on 17th Apr 2013


      the first and only sugar scrub i'll ever crave to have in abundance! wonderful seller! highly recommended! on 8th Mar 2013

    7. ...a habit you'll never want to kick!

      Originally posted: 07 February, 2013

      I've reviewed crush on you before, but I have to 're-toss my hat into the ring' and say that this is without a doubt the finest finest scrub I've ever tried!! Sexy laundry day is such a deliciously comforting scent, and the silky, satiny feel of my skin after using crush on you is completely unmatched by anything else I've ever tried!! Try it once, I promise-you'll be a product body junkie for sure-a habit you'll never want to kick!!! My former reviews are under juli g., I have to say that juli d loves product body even more than juli g did :)
      on 8th Mar 2013

    8. sexy laundry day addict

      Originally posted: 26 June, 2012

      As always, your products are divine. I keep trying the other scents but I always come back to sexy laundry day because it is, hands down, my favorite. Thank you!
      on 8th Mar 2013

    9. I love Sexy Laundry Day

      Originally posted: 02 March, 2012

      Love it. Skin is silken after using it, and unlike many other sugar scrubs, it rinses easily.
      on 8th Mar 2013

    10. Just incredible

      Originally posted: 16 May, 2010

      I received ALL of my items just the other day! So a little present at my doorstep! I LOVE the "crush on you!" It's just incredible. It is the BEST "wash" I've ever used! Thanks!
      on 8th Mar 2013

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    Weight: 9.5 ounces
    Scent: Fragrance oil blend
    Colorant: Mica