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Lounge Perfume

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    Come Sit Beside Me

    It’s time to slow down. We’re constantly connected, perpetually checking messages and expected to respond to any and all contact immediately. But humans aren’t wired for that, and we miss simply sitting in a comfortable room with someone you love. A record spinning in the background, a game of backgammon, a crackling fire, a good book. And calm, wonderful quiet.

    That’s Lounge: a cozy, comforting combination of well-worn leather, amber, sandalwood and vetiver. It’s the simplicity of wood floors and candlelight, the warmth of a wood fire, the comfort of a loved one wrapping you up in their arms.

    Lounge hand-blended perfume: put some on and join us in a time when pleasures were quiet, simple, and pure.

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    1. Sohpisticated Cowboy

      I received a sample of Lounge in my last order, and was delighted because I was already thinking of getting it for my boyfriend. When I first popped open the cap, it smelled EXACTLY like leather! I put a little on my hand to see what the scent faded to. Too "grown up" for my guy, but smelled perfect for my dad. Smells like... Sophisticated cowboy. Leather, working man, smooth.
      on 11th Jun 2013

    2. Awesome

      Awesome product!!!
      on 11th Jun 2013

    3. Master Blender

      Please don't stop making the perfume oils. I know my friends have about 5 minutes a day to de-stress and the Crush On You scrubs will be good for them, but for me I love your perfume oils...I was not kidding about you being a MASTER BLENDER. Not enough people know about your perfume oils. I love the Lounge, Lair and the Iniquity. I want to place an order on Monday for sure. I have the addresses of my 3 best friends and for sure I want to order more of the perfume oils..I love the way you sent them in the little bag...I REALLY DO LOVE THEM! I even want to try the Patchouli too.........your scents have a magical quality really!! on 11th Jun 2013

    4. Very Special

      Lounge is a very specical unique magical scent.........I love it! Other people love it as well! You sure get a reaction when you wear this scent a very positive reaction!! It is a soft and lasting sexy scent on me! very pleased :):):) on 11th Jun 2013

    5. Doesn't Last Long Enough

      This perfume oil definitely smells like leather when first applied to skin, then develops into a sexy, subtle, delicious fragrance. The opening note of leather is very strange, but it does not last. on 11th Jun 2013

    6. Too Heavy

      sorry but I could not stand this one. it was too heavy and strong. not even a subtle note of feminine. blecht- sorry as I truly love every other product I got from you, except this one.

      on 11th Jun 2013

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    Pure coconut oil, fragrance

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    Weight: 5 ml spray bottle