Lair Hand-Blended Perfume

Lair Perfume

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    Trap Someone

    Great perfumes are like great art: they stand out in a world rife with the common and boring and keep people coming back, wondering just why they feel so compelled to return... Lair is like that: a complex, erotic, intriguing scent that makes passers-by look for excuses to get close, and the people close to you never want to leave.

    Its smoky and spicy scent, with hints of vanilla and clove set on a smooth, almost subliminal background of crushed black tea, draws people in and puts them under your spell.

    Lair hand-blended perfume: put it on and be just as sexy, dark and dangerous as you want to be.

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    1. simply divine

      This is the sexiest most intoxicating fragrance I have ever encountered on 25th Aug 2016

    2. Can't Be Without It

      Oh how I love Lair! Can't be without it...It's warm and sexy, makes me feel amazing!!! Thank you for the Detox sample as well, wonderful little slab of soap! on 11th Jun 2013

    3. My Boyfriend Loves It

      My boyfriend loves this scent. It's rare that he comments on a perfume, but this one always gets a "Wow, you smell good!" from him. on 11th Jun 2013

    4. I Smell Amazing

      Joanna............I smell amazing today wearing LAIR............I love your stuff!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Don't ever stop making it! I know that my 3 best friends for 30 years.............will love it it will be a happy spring gift to them. Keep on making the magic!!! :) on 11th Jun 2013

    5. Lovely

      My husband has asthma and usually hates perfume on me. I ordered your sampler in the hopes that one of these lovely fragrances would pass the test... this one definitely did! It's a "husband chasing you around the room just to smell your neck" kind of fragrance and who doesn't like that? :) on 11th Jun 2013

    6. LOVE IT

      can not get enough of this scent. it is sexy, intoxicating, addicting, and more sometimes I dab a bit just under the tip of my nose just to have that constant fix. i could bath in it. absolutle LOVE it on 11th Jun 2013

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    Pure coconut oil, fragrance.

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    Weight: 5 ml spray bottle