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Iniquity Perfume

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    Deep. Dark. Sexy.

    Merriam-Webster defines iniquity as “a wicked act or thing.” That about says it all, and we mean it in the best possible way. Iniquity is a darkly sensuous perfume, insinuating its way deep into your psyche and stirring those secret places that make you purr with pleasure.

    The scent is as naughtily exciting as it sounds: deep, dark chocolate set off by subtle and smoky sandalwood with a morsel of crushed almonds. It's dark, alluring and mysterious.

    Iniquity hand-blended perfume: slip into some silk pajamas and invite someone special back to your den of iniquity.

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    1. Awesome and unique scent!

      I have been ordering this for probably the past 8 or 10 years. It smells fantastic and lasts all day. I cant wear regular perfumes but this one is so natural and mild. The scent is consistent and I hope to wear it for years to come. on 20th May 2019

    2. I'm Into Iniquity

      I seriously cannot get enough of this unique and delectable scent. I am NOT a perfume or cologne person. I never have been. However, this product is different. I get compliments on how delicious I smell, all the time. But usually, folks don't think it's a perfume, but perhaps a food dish I have recently consumed! They guess everything from chocolate to vanilla to coconut to cake! So there you have it: ChocoCocoVanCake is the best description ever. Or just go with Iniquity - it's just perfect! And small enough to carry anywhere, so I take it everywhere. Concentrated, so you don't need but a roll or two. I am so grateful this scent was created just for me - but I'll share! on 20th Nov 2015

    3. My Favorite

      My husband has asthma and usually hates perfume on me. I ordered your sampler in the hopes that one of these lovely fragrances would pass the test. Iniquity is my favorite of the bunch. I love smelling warm, sexy and subtly "food-like" and this is PERFECT! I'll be ordering the full size very soon!
      on 11th Jun 2013

    4. I Adore This Product

      The name alone brought me to this product. Deliciously intriguing... It's smokey and unique.

      Let me say this first: I do not like perfume. In fact, I do not own any.

      Yet I adore this product. I am a fan of all of the Perfume Oils I've tried from Product Body(Absolute Soap) (Lair is another of my choices), but this one is my personal fav. And perfumes are made to be personal. I'd recommend trying the sampler to find your preference, your essence.

      The size and roller design make it easy to control the amount and placement of the scent - and it's super convenient for toting in your purse and taking on your travels to the exotic place you'll no doubt be visiting once you start walking around with this tantalizing scent on your skin!

      on 11th Jun 2013

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    Pure coconut oil, fragrance.

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    Weight: 5 ml spray bottle