Crush On You Sugar Scrubs

"Quite possibly the greatest exfoliant known to women." - Bust Magazine

Crush On You has been one of our most popular products since it was originally created by Joanna and Brad in 2005. A handmade sugar scrub containing cane sugar, rice bran oil and unrefined shea butter suspended in an imported pH-balanced soap, Crush On You has the texture of cookie dough with the ability to clean and moisturize like a super-hero. Scrubbiegirl maybe?

The sugar scrubs off dry skin cells while the butter and oil moisturize. Then the soft solid-wash cleans it all up beautifully, leaving your skin soft and supple, but never oily (like so many old-fashioned sugar scrubs).

Find out what everyone's been talking about: our rave-reviewed, wildly popular, dangerously addictive Crush On You. You'll never go back to your old scrubs.

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