We're Now Offering Our Handmade Soap Naked (and cheaper)


In order to minimize the impact on the environment made by excessive and/or plastic packaging, we now offer all of our soaps (except salt bars, which require traditional packaging) just like they come off the cutting table: naked!

Each will be minimally wrapped in tissue paper and labeled individually, but no more shrink wrap will be used when it's not necessary. Bonus effect: we've been able to drop the price on standard bars to just $5.50.

If you prefer to have your soap delivered in traditional retail packaging, we'll do that too; just select the option when you check out. But if you don't need it, don't use it: save yourself some cash and save the environment a bit of excessive garbage.

You can find the ingredients for each soap by going to the individual soap pages if you’d like to know what the soap contains.

Thank you for participating in our naked offerings and helping us help the environment!