Sale Like No Other!


Update:  Many sale soaps are already sold out and the others are getting low.  Order soon to get the ones you want!!

Wisconsin is under water...well, some of us are anyway. We have seen so much rain here lately that the ground just can’t absorb any more!!  These weather conditions are also affecting my soap storage ability in the studio!!  For a limited time, many of our soaps are only $3.50 each. Whoa!!  The soaps that are affected by these super humid conditions are those bars that are wrapped in glassine bags. The air conditioning and dehumidifier cannot keep up. So, it’s time to move them on out!

Once the glassine bag wrapped bars are gone, the regular price goes back into effect. But don’t worry, if we run out before your order is filled, I’ll contact you to see if you would like to select something different.