Body Balm

Although not considered Vegan (contains beeswax), this is such a high-powered moisturizing body balm that we chose to make it as it was originally formulated...with local beeswax!

MAMA BOMB - Expecting?  A new mom?  A woman?  Check out Mama Bomb, an all-natural product specifically geared toward the ever changing needs of a mother to be.  So whether you want to protect your skin or you have a bun in the oven, Mama Bomb might help you rub out that tight, dry, itchy skin. Feel it nourish your skin. You know you want it.

LEMON BOMB - Same fabulous balm as our Mama Bomb except this one contains a lemon essential oil blend.  It's not a strong lemon scent, however, as it's tough to compete with the awesome natural scent of our organic cocoa butter!

These are great for use as a lip conditioner right before bed.  Made with women in mind, but still gentle enough for the man in your life!!

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